Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spring Visit to Illinois

On Tuesday Mom, Beckisue, Drew and I all headed down to Illinois together in one car, and then 
Rhonda and Amanda waited to come till later when they picked up Rob, Chrissy and the kids from the airport.
Wednesday morning is when the fun began. 
First, my Aunt Sue made an amazing breakfast, like she Always does! :)
Then most of the day was spent outside by the pond, swing set and tree fort. My Aunt and Uncle's place is a kids paradise. Adults have lots of fun there too. :D   It's always been my favorite home away from home. 

This is the view walking down to the pond from the back of the house.
So beautiful!
 Rhonda, Beckisue and I had lots of fun on the rope swing!

 Rhonda and I were having as much fun as the kids. :)
 I love my girl!
 This picture got out of order...
 Cole is so cool in his sunglasses. ;)

 I don't think Drew knew what was going on.
 Drew wanted to try out the rope swing.
I love being an aunt!
 Beckisue with some of the kids.
 Keira caught her first fish! She was pretty excited! :)


 He loves his mommy.
 A pillow at my Aunt's that I love.

 He hardly ever stops smiling. :)

 The view from the back deck.
 My Cole man and me.
 Someone decided to take a nap while he was swinging.
 Nice hair, Ethan! lol
 Drew pulls it off better. ;)
 Joselyn and Keira showing off their hair.
(Joselyn is my cousins daughter.)
 Keira makes it look the best. :)

While we were down there my grandpa gave each of us a copy of his autobiography that he just finished. I am so excited about reading it! My grandpa has lived such an interesting life. He is 94 and still going. :) I am sooooo thankful for the family and heritage that God has given me! 

Rope Swing

My family and I went down to Illinois to visit mom's side of the family this week. 
Like always, we had a wonderful time! The weather was beautiful for most of our visit and we got to spend quite a bit of time outside. 
I will post lots of pictures later but for now here is a video of me on the rope swing. Rhonda and I did it over and over again! :)