Monday, September 29, 2008

Okay I wasn't going to let it get this long between my postings. But I did! Oh well. Anyway this last weekend we had a yard sale at our house (that was interesting). We had some very "different" people come. But it was fun.
Sunday after church Rhonda, Amanda and I were going to take Bob Sucharski home. Well there was a problem. When we got in the car to leave the car wouldn't start! So Bob and Brian Smith worked on it all afternoon and they finally got it fixed. The started had to be replaced. But anyway after it was fixed we finally got to his house and went swimming! The water was perfect and we learned some new things about swimming. We swam the length of the pool twice without coming up for air, that was hard! When Rhonda came up her lips were purple. I told her that she didn't have to wear lipstick again all she had to do was go under water for a while. (But it wasn't her color). :D Anyway after we went swimming we played Hand and Foot (like we always do) but I don't think anyone will ever have me on their team again because the team I'm on always loses! :( Oh well. Anyway we had a great time. I have more to post sometime soon, but for now this will have to do.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

State Fair!

Mallory and me.
At a stand they were giving out these hats so we all got one and took some crazy pictures with them. We wore them the rest of the day. :D

Mallory, Jonathan, Meredith, Amanda and me.

Us 4 girls. (and Jonathan's mouth)

Jonathan, Rob and I went on a crazy ride that dropped really fast. It was fun but lame!

Amanda and Meredith.

Me, Mer and Mal.

Mal and me.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Rhonda's Prince Charming.

On Sunday after Church , the Seymours took Rhonda, Amanda and me to Michelle's dad Bob Sucharski's house to go swimming (in the rain). Well it had been two weeks since anyone had gone swimming in his pool so there was a lot of stuff in it. Rhonda got out the skimmer and was getting all kinds of stuff out of the pool. Spiders, cricket and all kinds of bugs. But while she was doing this she found her Prince Charming. Yes that's right, there was a dead frog floating in the pool. Well for Rhonda it was "Love at first sight". There was no turning back, she lost her heart to that little green thing that was all slimming and squishy. How could she resist those eyes that were rolled back in his head. So she kissed him and he became a prince!
Ok I'm sure you all know that I'm just kidding! There was a dead frog in the pool, but he wasn't Rhonda's prince charming. Oh well, maybe next frog. I think it has to be alive. :D

But anyway we had a great time at Bob's. After swimming we ate a delicious supper and then we played games until it was time to go home. I thank God for blessing us with are friendship with the Seymoures and the Sucharskis. They have been a wonderful addition to our church family.

I decided to do the same thing as MaryBeth and Rhonda. I hope some of you get at least a few things right. :D

1. Whats my full name?
2. Whats my favorite color? (everyone had better know that one!)
3. How many brothers and sisters do I have?
4. Whats my niece's name?
5. How many times have I moved?
6. How old was I when I moved to IN?
7. How old am I?
8. Name the three places in the world I want to go to the most?
9. What is my favorite secular song and what is my favorite christian song?
10. What color are my eyes?
11. Can you name at least 3 of my 5 favorite movies? (and you CAN'T look up my profile)
12. Who is my favorite person to spend time (play) with? :D

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rhonda's Birthday!

Yesterday was Rhonda's birthday. So Dale, Michelle and Heather came up to help us celebrate! Even thought I have only known Rhonda for 16 years I am very thankful for the 23 years she has been in this family and all she means to us. I love you Rhonda, and I thank God for a sister like you!

Heather and the birthday girl.
Rhonda blowing out her imaginary candles.
Rhonda and me.
The birthday girl!

Heather and aunt "Tep". (Steph)
Heather and aunt "Rona" (Rhonda) playing the piano.

Heather singing into the microphone. (flashlight)