Monday, August 31, 2009

Sarah and I.

On Sunday evening Jonathan and I went over to the Hartman's house so Naomi could cut Jonathan's hair. So while Jonathan was getting his hair cut Sarah and I got our pictures taken.
Mary (Sarah youngest sister) took the pictures for us. They turned out really well.

Just a snap shot.

I took some cool pictures of Sarah at sunset.

Spinning with each other.

Ok, my nails aren't really black. They are a dark red and for some reason in this picture they look black! :P


In the corn field.

Running down the road.

Our feet again.

Just walking this time.

Spinning... again. :)

And running again.

Being silly.

Anyone want to play London Bridges?

Our shadows.

All we need is guns and we look like we could be on the cover of an action movie. ;)

Those rocks were so sharp! We were both like "Mary, hurry up and take the picture already!"

Say Cheese! :D

Mary wanted us to just talk for a minute so we did. :)

Then she wanted us to pretend like we were walking...

Here we really were just talking. :)

Friends Forever!