Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Charlie Zahm's concert

I found a video on Youtube of one of the songs from the concert last Friday night. 
I think this song is really cool. 

Monday, October 26, 2009

Reformation Day Faire

Last weekend was the Reformation Day Faire in Illinois. My family, along with Alicia, got to go to it. We had a wonderful time! There was a lot of history we learned and we got to fellowship with other Christians. 
Charlie Zahm did the music for the weekend and it was so beautiful and fun! 
They had the Highland games for all the guys and then on Saturday night they had an ECD (English Country Dance). That was one of my favorite parts of the weekend! I had so much fun. Some of the dances were kinda hard to learn at first but most of the time once the music started it was pretty easy. There was only one dance that I knew so I had the most fun with it but all the dances were awesome!
I can't wait to go to it again next year! I hope Charlie Zahm is there again. His music is AMAZING! 

We all got to talk to Charlie Zahm for a while on Saturday and it was wonderful! He is a really nice man. I enjoyed getting to know him. :)
Charlie Zahm and Alicia
Charlie Zahm and Amanda
Monica and Charlie Zahm
Charlie Zahm and me
Rhonda, Alicia and me
Beckisue, Amanda, Rhonda, me, Monica and our adopted sister for the weekend, Alicia. :)

Charlie Zahm did all the music for the faire and it was the best part of the whole weekend. 

The Serven family. They sang Psalms. It it was really pretty.  
The Highland games. 

This isn't a video from the Reformation Faire but he did do this song last friday. 

Monday, October 12, 2009

Senior pictures!

Yesterday I got my senior pictures taken. A friend of ours, Kevin Bee, took them and he did a really good job! I was freezing the whole time but I still had fun!
Can everyone please pick which one is their favorite? I have to decide on the one to go on our family wall. Thanks. :)

Rhonda, Amanda and I on the railroad tracks. :)

When they picked me up the first time Rhonda said "Oh my word! You are heaver then you look!!!!" I was like "yeah, I keep telling you that." :)



Amanda and I








My prince. :)









Alicia and I got our pictures taken together.



Friday, October 9, 2009

Mom's birthday.

Mom's birthday was three weeks ago and I am just not getting around to posting the pictures. 
We all went out to the Kohkohma for her birthday and spent the day. It was a lot of fun. The Kohkohma is a reenactment from I think the early 1700s. 
We had a lot of fun and mom got to spend the day with one of her granddaughters so she was really happy! :) 
Amanda made pie before we left but she cooked them there in the fire. That was a lot of fun. 

Heather and the birthday girl. :)

Heather playing with the little tea set. 
Heather and Aunt Beckisue
Amanda, Heather and Teps. 
Heather wanted to kiss the lamb. :)
She also wanted to climb the tree. 
Ring around the Rosies 
We made a candle

Amanda cooking the apple pies. :) Oh boy! Where they ever good! :D
Nana, Heather and daddy.
A seat just right for Heather. 
Nana and Heather
My sweet mother. 

Papa, Heather and Rhonda